11.08.07 - 19.08.07

The Story of Art by Gombrich isn’t respected anymore but I’ve never really been happy about that because the wonderful thing about it is every reader can strap into a time machine and logically jump from date to date, artist-to-artist, important artwork to important artwork and we have lost that.

Of course, his timeline, which is a European timeline, is a history lesson and we learn how art through painting and sculpture has become modern art. We all know the lessons or we should all know the lessons but its phrases like:

 “This balance and harmony about which artists worry so much is not the same as the balance of machines. It suddenly ‘happens’, and no ones quite knows how or why.” 

Which are much less boring so sit up there at the back of the class. 

Such a statement is an asseration of a time when art was still applicable to scales of critical judgement and earthy passion but also of common sense. In the same chapter “In Search of New Standards” Is an illustration of Van Gogh’s “The artists room in Arles”1888 and is an artwork primarily based on that very room which represents Post Stuckism as a clear translation of British art today. Why? Well because from the ground up, London artists in a fairly large number have developed an active movement suggesting or simply claiming to be followers of true art. Such worthy creatures live in an unjust establishment in a doomed hellish world of oppressive irony and corruption fuelled by bad artists.  And of course they call themselves Stuckists. Childish’s understandable love of Van Gogh’s art has always seemed to me at the centre of the Stuckists.  And so the Post Stuckist journey must start with a ginger Dutchman.

Vincent Van Gogh has influenced many painters, not just his painting style but also his concepts. He believed in an inherent good residing in the artist, for example his trek to help the miners. Does his painting of inmates in the jailhouse not pursue our emotional sympathy? Famously though he was often unhappy, a cynical person might even have said he was stuck.

A Post Stuckist must admire Van Gogh and aspire to be as passionate as him about the role of art. However we must take our time machine outside the realms of Gombrich and propel it into 2007 and push it from the Netherlands into Britain. What is Modern Britain? And what should an artist morally be pursuing? I, Jack the Hard Worker believe we should be delivering art to the Scottish public that transcends our European heritage towards a global perspective. This is not what the Stuckists are trying to do. At the same time a balance must be found, we must not abandon the Stuckists because they have rekindled a gateway to the heart of art.

I hereby raise a plea for a Stuckist retrospective in our public galleries in Scotland. 

I hereby raise a plea to conceptual artists to use a Stuckist starting point in there work… in short become a Post Stuckist.